About Software Testing Forum

The Software Testing Forum is an independent executive Forum specially designed for senior professionals who are responsible for software testing and quality assurance departments, business units, or software testing and/or QA teams.


The Forum brings together and supports senior testing and QA professionals by way of independent research and valuable market insights, as well as the provision of high quality content and literature. The Forum also provides highbrow discussion forums, knowledge sharing, recognition, as well as awards, conferences and gala dinners. The Software Testing Forum helps our members strengthen their business performance by assisting in the improvement of their testing practices and processes while providing a platform for new relations with individuals in mirrored positions across various vertical sectors.


As software testing and quality assurance continues to push the boardroom agenda so the increase in knowledge required by senior professionals in this burgeoning sector grows.


The Forum believes that in order to fulfill such gaps professionals should not solely rely on single sector learning experiences, instead cross vertical knowledge sharing must become standard across the whole spectrum. To this end, the Software Testing Forum provides a platform for its members to share information across different vertical sectors, with a view to bringing uniformity to the industry while, at the same, time ensuring each member is at the forefront of theirs.

Membership fees

Our annual membership price model is outlined below


End user Vendor / Consultant


£349 per member £849 per member


£1700 (for up to 5 members) £3250 (for up to 5 members)

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End user membership starts at £349 per year and is open to those responsible for strategy, management and direction of a department or business unit that specifically focuses on software testing or quality assurance in an end user organisation.

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Vendor / Supplier / Consultant membership starts at £849 per year and is open to individuals in organisations that focus on testing or quality control of software or related software-based products or services.

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