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The Software Testing Forum caters for professionals that are at different stages in their development, and also adopt different approaches to software quality management.



As a members-based Forum that has the primary purpose of supporting the provision of software testing best practices, performance and the sharing of information, the Forum offers its members a neutral and non-pressured platform to communicate with one another. So whether you are a national or regional business, in the private or public sectors, or a focused and dedicated individual – membership in to the Forum guarantees you will belong to an elite group of professionals that have the same ambitions as you. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for learning through a diverse range of organisations and individuals. Membership offers access to a portfolio of information, research, products, events and services that will help all involved be more successful in their day-to-day roles.

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Take up membership of the Software Testing Forum today and enjoy fantastic benefits, as well as the opportunity to share information with peers and bring uniformity to the industry.

Being a member of the Software Testing Forum demonstrates your commitment to the industry and highlights your desire to move our sector forward.

End user membership starts at £349 per year and is open to those responsible for strategy, management and direction of a department or business unit that specifically focuses on software testing or quality assurance in an end user organisation.

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Vendor / Supplier / Consultant membership starts at £849 per year and is open to individuals in organisations that focus on testing or quality control of software or related software-based products or services.

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